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The Blue Smoke daughter of Nimue - is a sixth generation Nidoran babe who continues the family traditions (including the gymnastics), both at home and on the show bench.


A Black Smoke Tortie - keeps the Nidoran dynasty in line. She is a devoted Devon mum.


The Black Smoke Daughter of Kira - who did very well on the show bench, but preferred life at home, where she occasionally has babies for her to adore.


A Blue Cream Tortie girl - who also carries the point gene. She also contributes Australian blood lines to our pedigrees. Izzy is very much the "little lady" of the gang.


Thandie is our Lilac Tonkinese patterned Devon Rex daughter of Gollum and Nidoran bred, Willow. She has already made an excellent start to her show career with wins in both Kitten Classes and Best of Breed Awards at her first two shows. Her favourite playmates are the human wee ones. Between them, they can make an empty cardboard box into something quite magical and entertaining!


A Black Smoke girl - is likewise enjoying being the matriarch of the Nidoran Clan in her retirement.


A Blue Silver Tabby girl - has joined us from the Stanrex cattery. She and Gollum have already produced the beautiful Nidoran TICA Champion, Belle.


A Black Smoke Tortie girl - who is now enjoying her retirement


A Blue Smoke girl - and daughter to Miloka and our own bred Champion Nidoran the Secret of Nimh. She is the ultimate gymnast - the swinging bars in the Katio are her speciality.


Mika is the grand daughter of Miloka, and already a Champion. She is the ultimate diva of the Nidoran Clan.


Missy continues our wonderful old Devon blood lines. She is a black smoke baby from Mika’s first litter in 2018. She has swag and attitude, and made it very clear to us quite early on that she was here to stay.