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The Blue Smoke daughter of Nimue - is a sixth generation Nidoran babe who continues the family traditions (including the gymnastics), both at home and on the show bench.


A Black Smoke Tortie - keeps the Nidoran dynasty in line. She is a devoted Devon mum.


The Black Smoke Daughter of Kira - who did very well on the show bench, but preferred life at home, where she occasionally has babies for her to adore.


A Blue Cream Tortie girl - who also carries the point gene. She also contributes Australian blood lines to our pedigrees. Izzy is very much the "little lady" of the gang.


A Black Smoke girl - is likewise enjoying being the matriarch of the Nidoran Clan in her retirement.


A Blue Silver Tabby girl - has joined us from the Stanrex cattery. Hopefully, in due course, she will impress Gollum as much as she has the rest of the family.


A Black Smoke Tortie girl - who is now enjoying her retirement


A Blue Smoke girl - and daughter to Miloka and our own bred Champion Nidoran the Secret of Nimh. She is the ultimate gymnast - the swinging bars in the Katio are her speciality.