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We, the owners of the Nidoran prefix, are Kath and Mike Wilson (mother and son), and we live on the North Staffordshire/Cheshire border, with husband Alan, and extended family, Gavin, Hayley, Craig and Sarah, as well as their children. We are a busy household made perfect by our Devon Rex babes.

Like most encounters with the Devon Rex breed, ours was life changing. We spent two weeks during one summer on holiday on a small farm in Cornwall - which happened to be home to a black smoke Devon boy named Yogi. We had, of course, seen the odd photograph of the Devon Rex, but nothing was to prepare us for the reality! We were in love! But where did you find a Devon Rex kitten? Well, we started with a breeder in the south of the country, who then put us onto someone further north, who hadn't "got any kittens at the moment" but suggested that we might like to try...

And so it went on until we met up with John and Wendy Soper and our first litter of Devon Rex babies. We went along, convinced that we were coming away with a black smoke boy, only to fall in love with his litter brother. Our silver tabby lad, Deano, picked us out from all the other visitors he'd had and the rest, as they say, is history.

Well, not quite. We'd chosen Deano as a pet, to have all the TLC we could give him (he lived in Mike's hoodie, whilst he was wearing it, for much of the time in those early days), and of course he had a doggy chum waiting to keep him company - our German Shorthaired Pointer, Dee. They quickly settled in together and shared (amongst other things) the grooming process. But it was clear that another Devon was in order. I mean, once you've lived with one...

Just before Deano's first birthday, John and Wendy came to visit and said, "You should show him." So we did. And at his frist show Deano was awarded the Premier Certificate and Best of Breed. Fellow exhibitors were marvelous. Our inane queries ("What does this mean?") were met with unbounded patience and warm-hearted congratulations. As a result, we continued to show, and saw our neuter boy made up to Premeier, and later gain Grand Premier status.