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All of our cats are much loved permanent members of the Wilson household first and foremost! Not surprisingly, we want the same for all our babies. We show regularly to ensure that we are attaining the breed standards - and for the fun of meeting up with Devon friends! Our boys are at closed stud.


A Blue Devon Rex - originates from the southern hemisphere - and he definitely brought sunshine here with him! He has acquired Grand Championship status and is producing beautiful babies to continue in his winning ways.

Link (RIP 2018)

A Red Shaded Cameo - was the "venerable, old gentleman" of the Nidoran Gang. He came to us from our very dear friend, Chris Pape. Link has made a significant contribution to the Nidoran Cattery over the years, siring beautiful healthy babies who have shared his adorable (and adoring!) temperament. He will always be our "baby boy".


A Red Silver Tabby - prefers a cuddle to the attractions of the femme fatale, but we love him.


A Black Devon Rex - he comes from Norwegian and Russian bloodlines, so we have both hemispheres well represented. He has already produced some gorgeous kittens - and, because he carries the Burmese colour restriction, has contributed to the appearance of point and Burmese patterned babies amongst his offspring. He has done extremely well on the show bench, and is already a Grand Champion.

Ferdie (RIP 2018)

A Chocolate Silver Spotted Tabby - was our home bred lad. He had a proven track record, producing beautiful, show-winning Devon babies.